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What is The Long, Long Night of Hope?

There are two parts: First, there is LLNOH – The Fundraising Campaign. Participants spend weeks collecting donations through crowd-funding on our peer-to-peer fundraising platform. All funds raised go to help the homeless in our community. Second, there is LLNOH – The Event. Late in February, on a very cold winter’s night, participants will celebrate their efforts by taking part in a sleepover, in their car or in the church. This night gives them a tiny taste of what thousands of homeless Canadians face every night.

Who runs The Long, Long Night of Hope?

The LLNOH fundraiser was organized and launched by St. John’s Anglican Church in North Vancouver, BC, in February 2017. In 2019, St. Catherine’s Anglican Church, North Vancouver, joined St. John’s, running their own fundraising campaign but collaborating on the LLNOH Event night. Everyone involved in planning and hosting the LLNOH is a volunteer.

Do I have to belong to a church to join The Long, Long Night of Hope?

No, everyone is welcome to participate. You can join by yourself, or as part of a team. Create a family team or work team, and challenge each other to get to your fundraising goal. Youth are welcome to join, and we ask that anyone under 16 be accompanied by a parent/guardian for the sleepover.

Is The Long, Long Night of Hope only in North Vancouver?

We are excited to be expanding to Kelowna in 2021 - more details coming soon! Organizers would be happy to help any other church that is interested in hosting their own LLNOH event. Please contact us for more information.

Where does the money go?

Once all donations have been collected and confirmed, St. Catherine's and St. John’s Anglican Churches present it to The Lookout Housing and Health Society of North Vancouver. All monies raised in the North Shore stay on the North Shore to help towards a long-term solution for homelessness.


What is the minimum amount I have to raise?

There is no minimum. Whether you raise $50 or $500 or $5000, you are amazing and we want to celebrate with you!

How do I raise money?

The first step is to register for The Long, Long Night of Hope. On our PARTICIPANTS tab you will find the link to signing up, as well as step by step instructions to walk you through the registration process. We have provided standard information on every participant's fundraising page, and you are welcome to customize it if you prefer. Once you have your personal fundraising page, you share it everywhere! Facebook, twitter, Instagram, email, friends, family, co-workers - get everyone to support you!

Tell me more about the sleepover on The Long, Long Night of Hope.

To build awareness of the homelessness crisis in our country, we are asking every participant to join us for the actual Long, Long Night of Hope, in late February. We will gather together to celebrate our efforts before retiring for the night to sleep in our cars. Some participants, who either do not have a car or are not comfortable sleeping in a car, will be sleeping on the floor in the church instead. More details on specific locations and logistics (arrival times, personal checklists, washrooms, etc) will be shared with participants closer to the big day!

Do I have to join alone?

We understand sleeping in your car in the middle of the city (in FEBRUARY!) might be intimidating. You are welcome to join as an individual fundraiser but bring a friend or family member to sleep in the car with you. You could join with a friend or family member – name the fundraising page after both of you! Or you can create a team and all sign up together! If you have any questions about this, please email us, we are happy to help!


How can I make a donation to The Long, Long Night of Hope?

Credit Card Payments can be made on our fundraising site, using Visa, Mastercard, American Express or PayPal. Receipts will be issued online immediately.

If your friends or family are taking part in The Long, Long Night of Hope, they will share a link to their personal fundraising page. Alternately you can scroll through and find their name on our PARTICIPANTS page; click on their name to be taken to their personal fundraising page.

Don’t know anyone who is participating? That is okay, you can still donate! Choose any participant on the Participant’s page and use your credit card or PayPal to make a donation.

Cheques are payable to either St. John’s Anglican Church or St. Catherine’s Anglican Church – the participant you are supporting can tell you which church to designate. (If you don’t know anyone participating, you can choose either church). Cash or Cheque donations can be dropped off at one of our host churches (St. John’s Anglican Church, St. Catherine’s Anglican Church) – please indicate the donation is for The Long, Long Night of Hope. You can also give cash or cheques to LLNOH participants. Please indicate if you require a receipt for you donation.

St. John’s Anglican Church, 220 West 8th Street, North Vancouver, BC V7M1N1

St. Catherine’s Anglican Church, 1058 Ridgewood Dr, North Vancouver, BC V7R1H8

Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?

All online donations made through our fundraising pages will receive a tax receipt from the church, issued immediately by If you are donating by cash or cheque, please indicate with your donation whether you require a receipt, and allow 4-6 weeks for your receipt to be mailed.

Does all of the money collected go to The Lookout Society?

The fundraising platform we use is hosted by withholds approximately 4% from online donations to cover fees charged by credit card companies and fees associated with the disbursement of funds. No fees are deducted from cash or cheque donations. The Lookout Housing and Health Society gets everything else.

When and how will the money be given to Lookout Society?

The Long, Long Night of Hope will accept donations online or in person for several weeks after the event. After all cheques have cleared and all online monies have been validated and deposited, a date will be set (end of April or the beginning of May) for a special church service where the cheque presentation will be done. Everyone is welcome to attend and be part of that wonderful experience.



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